Dragonfli Media Draws on Experience at Burton U.S. Open

Burton US Open
Burton US Open
Photo: Aaron Blatt / Red Bull Content Pool


Coming off a memorable Olympics in Pyeongchang, star-studded by American snowboarders, the Burton U.S. Open played home to some familiar faces.

While athletes were flying out of the halfpipe and sliding rails on slopestyle from March 5-10 in Vail, Colo., Dragonfli Media Technologies was on the ground for over three weeks turning the concept into reality.

Rick Ross, Senior Project Manager at Dragonfli Media and Director of Operations for the Burton U.S. Open, oversaw a crew of 42 responsible for event operations.

The team built and managed venues for halfpipe and slopestyle competitions, hospitality, sponsorship and a Damian Marley concert, which capped off the week. They were also tasked with all the necessary planning, design of site maps, load-in/out of equipment and extensive permitting with local police, fire department and EMS.

Dragonfli returned to the Burton U.S. Open in 2018 for the sixth year, making incremental improvements each time to continuously improve the product for fans on-site and those watching a live broadcast on BurtonUSOpen.com and Red Bull TV.

Ross implemented key personnel changes heading into 2018 to achieve fresh perspectives and a successful logistics program.

“We were able to keep it moving without an issue better than we ever had and arguably the smoothest in the event’s history,” he said.

Newly-minted household name Chloe Kim took home the top spot in women’s halfpipe while her Olympic teammate Jamie Anderson won the slopestyle competition. On the men’s side, Ayumu Hirano of Japan won halfpipe and Canadian sensation Mark McMorris was crowned slopestyle champ. In total, there were four gold medalists from Pyeongchang either competing or on hand watching and interacting with the 64,000 fans in attendance over the course of the week.

“The level of overall competition was higher than it ever has been,” Ross said of the athlete field.

And the atmosphere matched that bar. Fans packed the spectator area at the bottom of the courses and lined the sides of the halfpipe as their favorite athletes soared above.

Video: Courtesy Burton US Open