Dragonfli Project Managers Complete COVID-19 Compliance Training

Dragonfli Media has long been known for our ability to create memorable experiences that attract massive flocks of fans. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, however, that portion of our services needed an immediate makeover. Festivals, concerts and buzzing events as we have known them are currently on hold.

Fortunately, our nimble team was ready to pivot at a moment’s notice. Although some of our staple events and activations were not possible this year, we have adjusted. Instead of running races and concerts, we have facilitated virtual conferences and drive-in movies. And we have taken the necessary steps to ensure our team is prepared to oversee safe environments for current projects and well into the future.

Our clients understand the importance of engaging with their consumers meaningfully and tangibly, and we are committed to helping them do so no matter the obstacle. 

Our staff continues to think innovatively with our clients and their audiences at the forefront. For as long as ‘virtual’ and ‘socially-distant’ is part of our everyday vocabulary, we will continue to follow all necessary guidelines and recommendations. By no means, do we want any of our experiences to pose a threat to the well being of its participants. 

Recently, Dragonfli Media’s project managers Barb Hamblett, Ben Nelson and Jeff Berman completed coursework to become certified COVID-19 Compliance Officers. The course, administered by  Health Education Services, reviewed topics including COVID-19 transmission, disinfection and social distancing in addition to CDC, local and state guidelines. 

Developed to enforce COVID-19 safety protocols and compliance on film, music video and commercial sets, Barb and Ben can now apply their certifications to a variety of projects.

With over 20 years of event production experience, Barb has always prioritized the safety of participants, staff and vendors. 

“It’s great to see professionals from a variety of industries willing to share safety information as everyone is adjusting and reacting,” she said. “Whenever we are back to large-scale, in-person events, compliance will be the most important factor. The same lessons and protocols are being applied today as we work on projects in smaller settings.”

A return to the norm will be a gradual process and some may arrive there quicker than others. With this step of compliance certifications, we hope it will be a small, yet vital token of our commitment to connect our clients with their audience in safe and meaningful ways.

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